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First Time Buyer Info

Here's a little breakdown about us and how we sell our pallets to the general public or to someone with a tax ID and a filled out resellers certificate. A copy of both of those must be on file with us before tax exemption is applied to your purchase.

We opened Oct. 28th of 2015 with a plan of success geared not only towards profit, but directed at being a positive impact within our hometown of Ashland, KY and our Tri-State Area.

You are empowering those fighters with every purchase.

By purchasing from our team here at Tri-State Merchandise Pallets you are helping us execute that plan. We have been successful so far by using the rewards from this business as tools against hunger, homelessness and animal cruelty by donating items like food pallets, tents and pet supplies to organizations that are fighting everyday on the front lines to help all those in need. We were most recently able to help our future by helping those that educate our kids. You are empowering those fighters with every purchase. The folowing link is to an article from The Daily Independent.

Area Schools Hit Jackpot with Pallets of Supplies Article

We are now the largest pallet wholesaler within a 2 hour drive of Ashland. We are the LARGEST both in volume of trucks arriving each week (avg. of 14) and facility floor space. We have the largest parking availability with the easiest access to and exiting from. We have the largest variety of merchandise and the craziest pricing where sometimes pallets are all only $20, sometimes they're just 10% of retail. This pricing happens when we get great deals from distributors and we then pass along the savings instead of making more money for ourselves. This way you get to make more profit instead!

Our location is at:

3503 Winchester Ave

Ashland Ky, 41101

Our Hours Vary Throughout The Week

Our Usual Hours:

Mon - Tus: Closed
Wed - Sat: 12-5
Sun: 12-5

All hours are subject to change without notice

Open every Sunday coming soon in April if we ever have anything to sale on Sunday. Because we have such great merchandise. With great pricing where you're able to potentially make great profit. And our team is here to ensure your experience is the best we can provide every time you're here. Add those up and we sell almost every pallet we have arrive throughout the week so no need to open on Sunday.

When purchasing, all pallets are tagged with a price tag. So there's no auctions.

95% of the items we purchase are returns. We cannot guarantee the quality of items, working condition, or what's even on the pallet. You make the purchase of return fully knowing this. We tell everyone with returns that "You might lose money today" due to many reasons. For example, nothing works. Brown boxes were empty. You decided it was too much work to sell your items. And we might have over priced it.

We also have overstock and shelf pull loads meaning they are not returns.

Price ranges per pallet are from $20-900++

The average price for some GM trucks is $240

Others GM 7 footers (past finds laptops, tablets, iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, desktops) they could average $335. Specialty trucks vary greatly. We've sold some as high as $4500+.

We get 12-15 trucks a week.

Varies in types of merchandise for each load.

First come first buy most of the time.

Other times we draw after you put your names on the pallets you'd like to buy then we draw for who wins. We will choose how each one will be once they arrive. Multiple trucks at 1 time we guarantee there will be drawers.

There's no running once the sale starts.

There's not been any big problems and we applaud all first time and repeat buyers for that.

We are NOT affiliated with any other pallet liquidator/wholesaler within 2hrs of our Ashland facility.

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Team motto...

"Our Success Is Measured By Your Profits"