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How It Works

We sell items by the pallet.

We sell to the public.

We honor Tax ID's once you give us a copy for our records and you prove that you're connected with that company. We also require a re-sellers form to be filled out.

We average 10-12 trucks a week throughout the year of both general merchandise and specialty/specific loads that come from all of the big box retailers. During the peak season we average 18 a week.

Our merchandise is liquidation that consists of returns, shelf pulls, and seasonal items from large names like Wal-Mart, PCH, Target, Kohls, Mejer, cevs. We also sale toilet paper and paper towels by the pallet.

We sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We offer two was for you to social keep up-to-date with all of Tri-State Merchandise Pallets Daily Info Updates.

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